Monday, August 15, 2011

Yamaha TZR 125R

Yamaha TZR 125 R second generation (1987/88 s / d 1992).

Still remember the exoticism Yamaha TZR 250 instead? So this time I will try to discuss about the version of 'Tiny' from the legend that is TZR 125. Born of a genetic 'blue blood' predessor the Yamaha RD 125 LC, TZR 125 gives a new nuance to the modern sport horse type iron his day. And is a variant of 'bonsai' of the TZR 250 big brother who was born a year before the 1986, this bike really been a target for young people at that time, certainly before the variant Honda NSR 125 came out two years later.

How is the speed freaker beginner class fell in love with a superior product manufacturers of this tuning fork logo, and brought the concept of naked sport early appearance, this bike has brought refreshment to the similar products. Try to imagine since the end of an era 70'an until the early '80s, bars 125cc motorcycle model naked bike from Yamaha that time it was only guarded by the RD 125 to RD 125 LC, which carries the appearance of so-so only.

But after TZR 125 first generation (coded 2R *, 2T *, 3P *, 3T *) was born, has shifted the look of a modern impression of old skool RD family. And comes with twin-spar alloy frame type of the famous light and rigid to bend have been invited to bulldoze this dimotor installed perfectly. Not to mention the improved engine single cylinder 125cc liquid cooler than the RD-generation performance has been improved here and there to be able to provide sensation to be invited to bend the streets. 26hp@10.200 bursts of energy accompanied by shock torque rpm 1.8 rpm kg-m@10.000, really feels right for enthusiasts of speed in driving.

Yamaha TZR 125 N first generation (1987 s / d 1988).

One year since his success paved, in 1988 this bike comes with a fresher look with the addition of the fairing body sector. Not much has changed from TZR 125 from either side of the engine, frame, and legs that still relies on a telescopic shock absorbers.

Yamaha TZR 125 Belgarda series last generation (1993).
Second generation models were maintained until well into 1992, until the end of this year, again TZR 125 experienced changes from the side of the frontal appearance. Racy style of the older sister revealed abis kemotor TZR 250, thanks to a touch of home designs from Italy Belgarda it creates an exotic landscape like motor sport from the land mafia that was followed. Not a few racing body kit that attaches TZR 125 4DL this series or many European consumers called it a TZR Belgarda series, starting from a set of Brembo rate freeze, shock absorbers brand Marzocchi upside down, until artificial crackcase Moto Minarelli has been stuck in your body.

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