Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6 In marketing science, consumer preferences that have so much to adopt a brand called cult brands. Thus they love the brand so that the ownership of the product provides tremendous satisfaction exceeds given practical function. two-wheeled automotive context, Ducati and Harley Davidson is considered to represent a product with great customer fanatic.

Particularly in Indonesia among fans of the motorcycle engine or better known as "Moge" comes from the exekutif. They generally use "Moge" they are only on weekends, both used to make touring out of town or just the way the way to the Mall either with family or friends.

To have a big motor bicycle certainly not as easy as buying ordinary motorcycle. Hence there are a few tricks that must be understood first. One of them is to understand what kind of motorcycle in the market and what we want.

In this case there be in how motorcycle type that generally favored by fans "moge" in Indonesia. Type Sportsbike, Street Fighter, and the type Supermotard Cruisers. The following is a description of the motor bike, including things things to note before has such a motor.

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