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OFICIALES HONDA ESPAÑA. ULTIMA UNIDAD EN OFERTA, COLOR TRICOLOR. Motos nuevas, garantia oficial de Honda, tres años de garantia ( consultar condiciones ) +Gestionamos tu seguro mas economico del mercado. +Te hacemos un 20% de dto en boutique y accesorios en el momento de la compra y te regalamos nuestra tarjeta VIP para que tengas un 10% dto en boutique y accesorios y un 5% dto en taller de piezas y mano de obra para siempre. DISPONEMOS DE TODA LA GAMA DE HONDA: anf 125 cbr 125r cbf 125 vtr 250 xl 125v varadero 125 innova s-wing 125 lead 100 lead 110 vision 110 passion 125 scoopy 125 scoopy 300 pcx 125 swt-400 silverwing 400 silverwing 600 abs forza passion 150 crf 150 crf250r crf450r crf250x crf450x crf50f crf70f crf100f cbr 250 cbr 600f cbr 600 f cbr 600rr cbr 600 rr cbr 1000 cbr1000rr cb1000r dn01 vfr800 vfr 800 vfr 1200 goldwing nt 700 deauville 700 st 1300 pan european cb 1300 cb 600f hornet cbf 600s cbf 600n cbf 1000 vt750 vt750s vt1300 nc700x xl1000 varadero 1000 transalp 700 xl 700 integra. -Financiamos tu moto en el momento en hasta en 84 meses con un 0% de gastos de cancelacion total o parcial o bien con nuestro producto motofacil que puedes acceder a tu moto en 24 y 36 meses con unas cuotas minimas y despues quedandose con la moto pagando su valor residual, re-financiando este valor residual o bien devolviendo la moto. -Transporte: enviamos tu moto en madrid desde 30 euros, enviamos las motos por 80 euros a las provincias limitrofes a la comunidad de madrid y 100 euros al resto de la peninsula. -Disponemos de un servicio express de revisiones, en el que pidiendo cita llamando a nuestras instalaciones te hacemos la revision en aprox 2 horas para que puedas llevarte tu moto en el momento. -Aceptamos tu moto o coche como parte de pago (consultar condiciones). Tambien gestionamos su venta. -Disponemos de 1000 m a tu disposicion con una amplia exposicion de motos nuevas de todas las marcas y modelos del mercado y una amplia exposicion de motos de 2ª mano revisadas en mas de 80 puntos y garantizada por 12 meses de piezas y mano de obra para mayor tranquilidad de nuestros clientes. -Visita nuestra zona OUTLET, donde tendras un 50 % de descuento en chaquetas, cascos y botas.

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OUR AR22 INCONEL SYSTEM: YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED> Inconel is superior to Titanium and Stainless for exhaust manufacturing due to the following: Unlike Titanium it will not burn through, it can be as thin as 0.37mm wall due to it's unrivaled strength. It disperses hot gasses far quicker as it retains heat 6 times more efficiently than Titanium, this helps get rid of the gasses quickly, (you often see Ti & stainless systems with wraps around them, this is to keep them as hot as possible so they get rid of the gasses quickly). By holding high temperatures this keeps the ambient temperature low, it also cools down very quickly. In a like for like full system test of the Evo Titanium full Akrapovic against our full AR22 Inconel system on the same bike on the same dyno with pcV our system gave 5BHP more power.

BMW S1000RR released

BMW S1000RR released
some good news about the release date of new motorcycles 2012 BMW S1000RR will soon we know in the near future. 2012 BMW S1000RR is a new motorsport which reportedly will have many changes from previous versions of the BMW S1000RR. Reportedly, the changes in 2012 BMW S1000R is on machine parts, electronic systems and also a new color. Changes to the engine, it will make the better engine performance and also provides a stable engine performance when we drive on the street. It is indeed a very good development, especially for those of you lovers of BMW Motorsport.

Of course, we know that BMW S1000RR previous version using the engine capacity of 1000cc and capable of providing optimal power when we drive. However, we think that the problem on the BMW S1000RR previous version is on the chassis that are less stable and has a stiff impression. If this is the 2012 BMW S1000RR was released with the new changes, hopefully the problem has been fix by the designers of BMW S1000RR.
Reportedly, the 2012 BMW S1000RR will be released in two different versions and also with the new colors. However, for now we are not certain about the two versions. As for the 2012 BMW S1000RR Release Date and also about a new colors, reportedly will revealed in Milano, Italy in November.  However for the exact release date of 2012 BMW S1000RR and also about the new colors, you can contact the BMW Motorcycle Dealers in your city.

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GP Dual 70mm Slip-On system

Laser Engineering once again sets the X-Treme edge in their new GP Dual 70mm Slip-On system for the 2010-2011 R1000SS.
WARNING: Sounds robust and threatening under acceleration. Deep Tone and Crisp! A Visual and Aural beauty! However, you may leave the removable baffles installed for a Street Legal Deeptone Sound.

The BMW S1000RR, if anybody doubted BMW's ambition to break away from their motorcycle touring heritage and compete head-to-head against the best road-going sportsbikes the Japanese – or anyone else – can build, there is no doubt now looking at the BMW S1000RR.

The BMW S1000RR engine – a short-stroke, wide-bore, high-revving transverse inline four – is relatively conventional, featuring a few minor innovations and the most advanced engine management seen on a motorcycle in this class, but no radical new technology. This is because BMW's engineers looked at all available options, then chose the ones they felt were the best solution, rather than choosing them for the sake of being different.

BMW's engine design is compact, light and easy to produce. Again BMW did not want to be different just to be different. The inline four engine design has a long and successful history for a reason.

Similarly, the BMW S1000RR's chassis features the very latest thinking – including sophisticated and fully integrated optional anti-lock braking and traction control systems – doesn't stray from the established Japanese set-up of aluminum beam frame and swingarm, used forks and shock, and four-piston radial brakes.

Despite the BMW S1000RR's similarity to existing 1000cc sportsbikes – plus the absence of traditional BMW traits, such as shaft drive and alternative suspension – BMW are keen to point out th S100RR is very much a product of the BMW factory.

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CRG GP Cable Clutch

CRG GP Cable Clutch
Serious Road Racers, Sport Street Riders, and Supermotard Racers have searched for a cable clutch lever with the features to address the demands of hardcore asphalt riding. Variable Leverage ratio allows for a lighter or heavier clutch pull, and also allows for a tunable clutch modulation. The CRG GP Cable Clutch lever features 30mm / 26 mm / 22mm Pivot to Anchor Center positions enabling the rider to find the right ratio for the given bike or conditions. Top level riders are frequently adjusting clutch cable slack to compensate for thermal and wear changes in the clutch system during racing and riding situations. The CRG GP Cable Clutch features a large detent style adjusting wheel to manually adjust the cable slack. Additionally, we have innovated a unique “Racheting Thumb Pad” which allows for adjustment of cable slack at a defined limit, 60 degrees of turn, per engagement. An added benefit of the rachet pad is that the rider need not remove his hand from the grip in order to adjust the cable slack. The CRG GP Cable Clutch has infinitely adjustable static positioning. By turning the “Micro Clicker Knob”, the optimal static (open rest) position of the lever can be tuned in for rider preference depending on variables of hand size, grip diameter, glove thickness, and hand fatigue. Another high quality feature of the CRG GP Cable Clutch is the Ball bearing pivot. Ours is not the only clutch lever with ball bearings, but CRG takes this element to a new benchmark. With two 16mm outer diameter shell bearings, spaced in a wide clevis configuration, no other clutch lever can offer a similar level of smooth action, while eliminating lateral slop / play. Crash protection. The CRG GP Cable Clutch has two features which address potential damage in a tip over condition. First, the lever has a outer section and inner section which are connected via a folding hinge. The hinge in held in its normal position utilizing a heavy load detent / ball / spring. When hit at the lever tip, the lever is allowed to hinge away from a potentially damaging blow. The lever can then be pushed back to its normal position, where the ball / spring / detent clicks the lever back into its normal position. Additionally, the lever is clamped to the handle bar with a Teflon sleeve between handlebar and perch clamp. This feature allows the entire assembly to turn on the handle bar should the lever or perch assembly be impacted in areas other than the lever tip. Applications: The CRG GP Cable Clutch assembly was developed to work with a large range of motorcycles utilizing a cable actuated clutch, and 7/8" (22mm) diameter handle bars. Cable Housing end to Cable anchor center (range of adjustment) 38mm - 53mm. Maximum Cable anchor Diameter 8.50mm. Maximum Cable Housing Diameter 8.00mm. Maximum Cable Diameter 2.50mm.
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Honda launched

Honda launched a limited edition of the Unicorn. The Unicorn Grand Prix Edition has nothing other then a new paint scheme and some stickers. “The limited edition Unicorn Grand Prix Edition is derived from Honda’s racing DNA. The sporty graphics reflect true racing attitude.” says Honda but if sporty graphics and new paint schemes would give more horses then this Lamborghini would become the fastest car, faster then the Veyron. Welcome to the Mike Hailwood 350/4 project. This page has been established for the benefit of a customer, on the U.S. east coast, who contracted me to build two 350/4 cylinder GP racer replicas. Using photographs, you will be able to see the progress as the project moves through the various stages all the way to final completion of the race bikes. I hope you enjoy seeing the progress as these beautiful machines are saved from the salvage yard and reborn as track ready vintage racers providing lifelong enjoyment to the new owners. 350/4 cylinder to remain stock for part's endurance, per customer request Race engines built upon request with 6 speed gear box Clean/Inspect parts Valve job Mild port job on stock engine. Full race port available Gaskets matched Leak down engine test Check for overbore Replace bolts with allen head where possible New clutch plates & springs Perform Dyno run Glassbead engine components and refinish engine cases Oil cooler with black braided hose Powder coated aluminum breather tank with braided hose, returned to clutch cover All cooler and breather hoses have "AN" fittings No worm clamps are used Safety wire complete bike and some engine components Oil pressure gauge added Machine filter housing for oil cooler lines
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