Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A perfect combination, blended with the front fairing which perfectly protects the rider in an optimum coefficient of aerodynamic penetration, eliminating turbulence almost completely. Further enhancing the tapering line are the hand guards incorporated in the fairing and the front mudguard, perfectly in harmony with the bodywork.

The front head light reinforces the sporty aggressive look of this 50 cc motorbike. Characterised by a double 35 Watt bulb, visibility and safety is greatly improved and the weight of the front is reduced (thanks to the transparent plastic shield), considerably benefiting riding precision.

The design of the five spoke light alloy wheels further characterises this Aprilia proposal, reducing its weight. The front wheel has a diameter of 17".

The attractive and extremely practical petrol tank incorporates the petrol cock with mechanical reserve. The 13 litre capacity offers remarkable riding range.

APRILIA RS 50 is clearly and unashamedly inspired by the flagship of the Aprilia family, the RSV 1000 R, the only twin that can take on the Japanese four cylinder racers on their own territory – and win. This same thirst for victory is found in the new RS 50, together with technology developed for the world-beating Aprilia 125 GP. No wonder the RS 50 is the machine that all other 50 cc bikes have to beat.

For 2006, the RS 50 is packed with improvements and innovations. The following list shows just the most important:
New aluminium frame
New aluminium swingarm
New, lighter wheels with ‘Y’ spokes
New radial caliper front brake
New Euro 2, two-stroke engine
New fairing based on that of the RSV 1000 R
New analog/digital instruments

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