Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power Ninja ZX-6R

Power Ninja ZX-6R is a sport motorbike manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The GPZ900R was the first of the Ninja series that is still going as of 2010. In 1995 the ZX-6R was added to the lineup, and is also still in production.

Ninja Kawasaki ZX-6R’s lean physique is fundamental to its light handling, with every component on the bike carefully scrutinized for minimal weight. The intake resonator box and supports for the instrument panel and mirrors are unitized with the enlarged —to optimize intake volume — Ram Air duct, contributing to weight savings and improving rigidity. Camshafts are made of lightweight chrome-moly steel, and light, magnesium engine covers all add up to big weight savings, along with transmission, oil pump and starter gears carefully engineered for maximum strength and minimal weight.

Along with its light weight and compact design, the NinjaZX-6R engine is packed with details to give it precise throttle control and amazing performance, particularly in the mid-range. Smooth power delivery is achieved through outstanding combustion efficiency. Cylindrical guides in the top of the airbox guide the fuel charge into the intake funnels to reduce buffeting and improve cylinder filling, along with advanced cylinder porting techniques. High-current secondaries in the ignition coils provide hot, consistent sparks at all rpm.

In addition to its more than healthy bottom-end torque and smooth throttle response, the engine’s mid-range performance benefits from a similar number of refinements, including double-bore velocity stacks with inlets at two different heights, special-profile pistons with low piston-ring tension for reduced friction, and advanced cam chain guides for excellent cam-chain stabilization.

The inline-four engine produces a maximum 125 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 49.4 foot-pounds of torque at 11,000 rpm. This engine has a displacement of 38.8 cubic inches and a 12.8:1 compression ratio. There are four valves per cylinder and the valve configuration is a double overhead camshaft. The cylinders have a 2.7 inch diameter and each pistons travels a total 1.7 inches. A liquid cooling system maintains the temperature of the four-stroke engine. Fuel is injected with the aid of 1.5-inch throttle bodies. The vehicle uses a digital ignition system and electric starter. It also uses a six-speed transmission with chain final drive. 79.7 inches long, 23.8 inches wide and 43.7 inches high, with a wheelbase measuring 55.1 inches. Its seat is positioned by 32.5 inches from the ground and it clears the ground by 5.1 inches. Excluding its liquids, such as oil and fuel, the Kawasaki weighs in at 354.9 pounds. The gas tank capacity is 4.8 gallons. The front tire measures 4.7 inches wide with a 3.1-inch sidewall height, and it fits a 17-inch diameter wheel. The back wheel is identical to the front but the tire is thicker, standing at 7.1 inches wide with a 3.9-inch high sidewall.

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