Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aprilia Mana

The following are the characteristics that make the Aprilia Mana unique:
 • 90° V twin engine with four valves per cylinder, Euro 3 homologated;
 • sportgear transmission: electronically controlled sequential gearshift offering two shift modes seven speed manual or Autodrive with three mappings: Touring, Sport, and Rain
 • storage compartment with non-scratch lining, large enough for a full-face helmet, with mobile phone holder, toolkit & document holder, and 12V power socket;
 • under-seat fuel tank;
 • brakes with radial calipers;
 • 43 mm upside down fork;
 • offset monoshock with spring preload and rebound adjustments;
 • steel trellis frame with single piece aluminium swingarm;
 • twin spark ignition;
 • electronic fuel injection with single throttle body;
 • latest generation two channel ABS system (ABS version only)

The Mana is a mid-displacement sports motorcycle with engine mapping modes and a unique Gear System that allows automatic or semi-automatic control of the drive system for sports performance.

To some motorcycle purists, scooters either large or small, and by extension two-wheelers that utilize similar technology will never be acceptable.

Aprilia Mana is the state of the art in motorcycle technology. Only Aprilia, with its legendary technical skills, would have dared take on a challenge of this entity. The Aprilia Mana 850 is so advanced and so unique that it simply cannot be compared with any other motorcycle. The Mana takes all the stress from motorcycling while injecting more satisfaction and more fun into riding under all conditions, from commuting to sports touring on the open road. All you need to do to enter a whole new world is press the button on the handlebars.

Its revolutionary Sportgear transmission is electronically controlled to deliver unrivalled riding pleasure. So whatever your riding style, and whatever the road conditions, the Mana is the bike you will want to be on.

The transmission management system offers a choice of three “Autodrive” mappings plus a manual, seven speed, sequential gearshift, so you can be absolutely certain to find the perfect ratio for any traffic condition and riding preference. Whether you are just nipping across town or blowing away the cobwebs on a winding country road, the Aprilia Mana always delivers the ideal response and the same unique riding satisfaction. Whatever the conditions, and whoever the rider (even the most demanding), the Mana guarantees a perfect, peak-efficiency ride that lets you discover hitherto unknown potential.

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