Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ninja 650R is good for a lot of things

The Ninja 650R is good for a lot of things, and because of that we’re inclined to recommend it to new riders looking for something that’s economical, but with a larger emphasis on fun and excitement. After all, while a 650cc sport bike may not get the same fuel economy as a 250cc bike (such as the 650R’s little brother, the Ninja 250R), but it still gets great mileage and seems to be adept at doing something much better than a smaller bike: implanting large grins on our faces.

There’s no denying that a new rider will find a 250cc bike a thrill, but unfortunately that thrill will tame itself over time as the rider becomes accustomed to the power and handling characteristics of that bike. Since it’s such a small engine, those limitations are found quickly and that’s when the “hum-drum” syndrome takes hold. The 650R, however, packs enough punch from its 649cc engine that a new rider should be satisfied for a few years before wanting to trade up- assuming they get tired of it at all!

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