Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ducati Monster 1000 is the perfect combination

Ducati Monster 1000 is the perfect combination of sporting prowess and strong character. The powerful Dual Spark engine complemented by the exposed trellis frame keep the rider's heart pounding at every bend. The bike's unmistakable look derives from its Spartan character: every component performs a specific function, so there are no frivolous accessories, just pure concentrated technology.

Our most powerful air-cooled Monster gets its strength from the 1000 Dual Spark engine that achieves new levels of efficiency and reliability. Ducati's decades of experience with air-cooled twin technology and the innovative 1000 DS engine are a product of our continuous advancement in the field.

The Monster 1000 is available in two versions: the 1000 and 1000S. Both feature the 1000 DS engine and advanced rising rate Superbike rear suspension that allows the adjustment of ride height separately from spring preload. Normally expensive upgrades like adjustable control levers, anti-theft immobilizer and Brembo twin disc brakes are standard on both versions.


The 1000 DS engine design was created with clear goals in mind: increase total power, boost mid-range power, simplify mechanicals, lower engine temperatures, raise reliability and lighten weight. Starting with the cylinder heads, ignition is accomplished with Dual Spark plugs. Furthermore, the conventional method of supporting the camshafts in ball bearings is replaced by oil-pressurized plain bearings, reducing moving parts and improving heat dissipation. The Dual Spark design offers more complete combustion, increasing power, especially in the in low to mid-range. A significant reduction in valve angle between intake and exhaust allows a better shape for the combustion chamber and reduces volume, resulting in more complete fuel combustion, higher compression and more power.

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