Monday, May 9, 2011

Lexus sports car

Lexus sports car variant finally rolling. Lexus LF-A be a prima donna Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2009, in the production of only 500 units worldwide. With a price of around Rp 3, 9 billion in the Japanese market, two units of this car will go to Indonesia. Lexus enthusiasts in Indonesia is high. Looks President Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) Akio Toyoda when the car is on public exhibit.
DALAM Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2009, the world's largest car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) made a breakthrough with the launch super sports carLexus LF-A. The presence of sports cars that will be marketed from next year was a historic moment, because it is the first time carried out by Japanese manufacturers.

Obviously, Toyota did not want mainmain with brand-new products that hold a capacity of 4.8-liter V10 engine it. They ready to compete with other sports car manufacturers, like Ferrari or Porsche. LF-A is designed capable of racing with a maximum speed of 325 km per hour it's got looks like a European sports car, looks even more fierce in some parts.

The impression that emerged during TMC President Akio Toyoda stepped on the gas pedal to showcase the distinctive sound the Lexus LF-A in front of journalists. "Personally I participated gave 'taste' of the LF-A in the early stages of development. I believe the Lexus will provide the highest comfort to those who feel it, "Toyoda said when introducing the Lexus LF-A in the arena TMS last week.

The car is in the Japanese market in the tag of around 37.5 million yen or Rp3, 9 billion was able to produce an output of 560 hp at 8700 rpm and a maximum torque of 480N / m at 6800 rpm. Than power of it, Lexus LFA to devour the distance 0 -100 km per hour in just 3.7 seconds only.

Once the exclusive, sophisticated super car will only be in limited production, only 500 units in the world. After that will not be produced again. Fortunately, the luxury sports car enthusiast in Indonesia is still a chance to have it as special for the Indonesian market, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) as the sole agent of Toyota and Lexus brands in Indonesia acquired the allocation of two units.

TAM president director Johnny Darmawan said, Indonesia is one country in Asia to get a special allocation with an allocation of two of the unit. As a developing country, Indonesia has a very good market potential for products Lexus. "It (the Lexus LF-A) will be brought to Jakarta, we got priority two units.

More on the appeal of other countries like the Philippines or Malaysia which only one, "said Johnny met on the sidelines of TMS event in Tokyo last week. "We will try to add if there is request. We see it first because the price is expensive," he added. For the Indonesian market, the price of the LF-A is not yet determined.

But he sure, the car was sold because the existing customers that ask. According to Johnny, TAM as a representative of Toyota in Indonesia will always bring new cars to market Indonesia. Except LF-A, TAM will also bring new hybrid sedan from Lexus the LS 600 hL.

This car is the first hybrid Lexus sedan class. "LS 600 hL will go to Indonesia next year, cost about Rp2, 7 billion-2, 8 billion. It's already a message. In fact the principal had approved the LS 600 hL since last June, "he said. According to Johnny, for premium cars like Lexus it would not bring a portfolio of passenger cars non premium.

This is because the market is highly segmented, so that consumer demand is also certain products. "We also do not want to have a stock of much except existing customers. Especially for the LS 600 hL we carry at most 30 units had been good, considering the price offered is very attractive, "he said. According to Johnny, to luxury cars like Lexus, will usually only brought in after waiting one month period of production and delivery.

So, if for example November start production, then the next one month new car is coming. Johnny added that Indonesia's sales of Lexus fairly good. This is evident with his best-selling models like the RX 460 and LX series that dominate sales. Despite Thus, LX and LS series is also quite attractive and turns into a top sales Lexus in Indonesia.

Just so you know, Lexus sales in Indonesia since the period from November 2007 to September 2009 has reached 800 units. The success of Lexus in Indonesia, also attracted attention in last week's TMC gives credence to the Lexus Indonesia to share their success stories to the main dealers from all over the world.

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