Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX14 key features

 Kawasaki ZZR1400 / ZX14 key features

Kawasaki ZZR1400 = of the cluster means to read, with white is easy, faced analogue speedometer and tachometer.
A = Shift indicator light and clutch engagement light is
= Multi-function LCD digital display fuel gauge, gear indicator, dual trip meters, odometer and clock are included
= The large diameter petal brake discs, radial brake performance and feel fantastic in front of Kawasaki ZZR1400 very impressive to pump the brake calipers and radial master cylinder mount.
= Hydraulically operated clutch for a radial free, silky smooth and light clutch master cylinder mount features concern the operation.
= Fuel tank features a flush surface tank cap
= Easy to start idling speed control system for potential contributions.
= High density core with a lightweight Denso radiator provides efficient cooling.
= Large head pipe casting contributes to frame rigidity given.
Frame = box is located in the air, contributing to a very compact layout.

Kawasaki ZZR1400 The performance characteristics of ABS 2008/2009 to change. Rev both in the low performance range has been increased and at the top. Not only offering a better mid-range, but the most powerful to maintain its position as the game / games in the passenger market place today.

For the 2009 Kawasaki ZZR1400 for Metallic green and black color options are

The Kawasaki ZX14 Kawasaki ZZR1400 or as in the UK must be aware that your Ram is a startling change motorcycle air – fuel is that no one on this occasion will be a super powerful, torquey motor passenger in the game is injected. With around 195bhp and a 200mph high-speed potential of the most powerful Kawasaki ZZR1400 motorcycle and suggestions will be branded the best of the best challenge and he wants to leave. Any speed – on the handle with the assurance, at every stage to attract a crowd and turn heads at every corner styling is to ride.

The title said it all MCN – The Kawasaki ZZR1400 – 0-60 2.5 seconds. Compared to the bike to 60mph will take to reach you may think, it now took to read the statement.

ZZR1200 Kawasaki ZZR1400 of this is developed and the ZX12R, advance the responsible handling of aluminum and a lightweight monocoque frame chassis every bit of the power plant is equal to a very slim and compact package. Engine and the status of uni-Trak rear suspension rigid frame complementary in terms of high speed and excellent road holding ZZR1400 when riding in a great game provides controllability.

Kawasaki ZZR1400 this less than adequate leg room for the flow and design of quadruple projector beam headlights, like the bike has to be in mint condition with pegs on the road with a comfortable riding position provides.

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