Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kawasaki ER-6N is a tremendous

The Kawasaki ER-6N is a tremendous little bike if you compare to other superbike. But with the orange color selection(my ride), it's has made my bike to look much more aggressive if to compare with other bike on its kind. The other color also has its own signature. As the incredibly green, which is so green in fact that it matches the green of the neutral light. (hahahaha just a joke)... It's also a stylish bus, particularly the side-mounted shock and tubular swingarm arrangement. It's also physically very small so that anyone can fell comfortable on it, even those of the female persuasion will hop on the Kawasaki and speed off without a moment of hesitation, but it’s also roomy enough for a speed crazy’s (like me). In fact the bike has what it need to prove that is so enjoying and satisfied to ride with. But stay on top of the cleaning regime and you’ve got yourself a great-looking bike.

As far riding to Genting, Frazer Hill or Kuala Klawang, this bike has no other competitor on the handling efficiency, The ER-6n has what it need to take all the big brother down during the ride to up-hill. What’s impressive is the basic suspension and handling package will give a new beginner confident and the bike would scurry along in total composure regardless of what you threw at it. It’ll bounce around and give the odd waggle through the handlebars for sure, but in a fun, engaging way. “If I hadn’t ridden before, something like this would be an ideal start,” say Bill. “Out of all the bikes here, this is my favourite as it’s got something going on.” Said Nazween during breakfast at the Coffeebean at Genting Highland.

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