Saturday, July 2, 2011

Suzuki Hayate

The Suzuki Hayate 125, or UW125C as its factory designation, is an motorcycle powered by a 4-Stroke, single cylinder, forced air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve 124.1cc engine, with a bore 53.5mm and 55.2mm stroke, producing a compression ratio of 9.6:1. The engine lubrication is by Suzuki own invented lubrication system, Suzuki Advanced Lubrication & Cooling System, which forces lubrication to the most remote parts of the engine. Making the Suzuki Hayate engine one of the most effective lubricated 125cc engines I ever seen.

Lubrication of engine parts is mostly overlooked now-a-days as people seem to care more how the motorcycle looks then how long it will give you the pleasure of driving it. The transmission of the Suzuki Hayate is by CVT/V-belt, providing a smooth ride with this step-less automatic belt transmission. The fuel tank hold 4.7liter fuel and is good for about 164 kilometer.

The Suzuki Hayate 125 suspension is basic telescopic, coil Spring, oil damped front suspension and conventional double-tube shocks, oil damped rear suspension. With front and back spoke wheels equipped with 220mm front disc brake and 190mm rear drum brake.

Our final conclusion is that the Suzuki Hayate 125 is a create motorcycle for somebody who looks for a Honda Wave but want a bit more. Our Suzuki Hayate 125 was a bit more expensive then the Honda Wave 125i (with PGM-FI fuel injection) and therefore we recommend the Honda Wave 125i. But if prices would change, we say go for the Suzuki Hayate 125, it is a real please to drive and never lets you down.

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