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Celebrated worldwide for its scorching speed and effortless agility, the CBR1000RR Fireblade is an established icon of performance motorcycling. As we proudly celebrated our 50th year of racing at the 2009.

Isle of Man TT, the CBR1000RR appetite for victory was insatiable; grabbing the top 5 places in the Superbike race, carrying John McGuinness to his 15th TT win and setting new lap and race records. Yet the ultimate sportsbike is not all about speed. 'Total Control' has been at the heart of its development since the Fireblade was first launched in 1992, and it has sped from success to success. Honda has continuously improved the ride experience that gives the rider unique confidence on both road and track.

The HONDA CBR 1000 RR captivated the imagination of the motorcycling world at its launch. Its minimalist design eliminated any weight that didn't need to be there. Successive generations have been improved by further reducing weight and focusing what's left around its centre of gravity (mass centralisation). This gives the bike both its characteristic agility and excellent stability. Confidently carving out long corners or whipping through quick bends, its razor-sharp response and predictable behaviour have always been as appreciated on the road as they are on the track.

A new ultra-light engine and radically revised chassis in 2008 took the concept of 'Total Control' to unprecedented levels and ensured continuing success for the Fireblade. Inspired by ancient Japanese craftsmanship and culture, combined with developments in advanced aerodynamic performance, the new machine was a masterpiece of engineering. The engine responded smoothly to every rider input at the throttle with controllable power and precise acceleration. A new, super-slim cast aluminium frame achieved the finest balance between the strength necessary to harness the engine's power, and the flexibility needed to obtain maximum traction in the corners. Even more compact dimensions contributed to mass centralisation and gave the rider more freedom to move around the machine and achieve the best weight distribution for the conditions.

CBR1000RR Racing Kit is intended for racing only. The kit includes specific camshafts, exahust pipe, muffler, transmission, clutch, oil cooler, radiator, brakes, suspension, gauges, and ECU. These parts were developed specfically for racing applications, and offer higher performance to meet the demands of competition. The engine internals are newly-developed along with the newly-revised engine, and offer even higher performance.

Traction Control System (TCS)
 TCS compares front and rear wheel speed information, and controls rear wheel slip using fuel and ignition timing adjustments.

Anti-Spin Setting
Anti-Spin logic anticipates wheel spin caused by rapid acceleration, adjusting fuel and timing settings on the fly to maximize power transfer to the ground.

 G/R MAP Ignition Select
 Ignition timing maps can be customized for each gear ratio.

 Q/S Setting
 Fuel injection fuel cut and ignition cut cycle can be configured for each gear position and engine RPM.

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