Sunday, July 3, 2011


First and foremost the PGO X-HOT has some kind of Mad Max influence going on here. From the two circular headlights that run vertically up front, to the battleship style lines, the X-HOT makes formidable viewing. Even your action packed super hero would be happy on this one. If ever you wanted to just "blend in" then maybe the X-HOT is not for you. Stand out in a crowd, start a conversation, turn a few heads, then the X-HOT could just be.

Looking different is not the only asset. The X-HOT is actually full of premium features that certainly wouldn't go unnoticed on scooters further up in the price spectrum.

The multi function digital dash is a real treat. Fully featured you tab through a series of modes from fuel to external air temperature. And because of the compact size PGO have been able to fit a fab looking set of bronze handlebars. Fully exposed "motocross" style they look an absolute treat, a real minimalistic feature that works. Hanging off the bars we have switchgear that is top shelf. The all alloy brake levers not only look the goods but also provide plenty of feel and grip. The levers match the bronze anodised look of the bars, its a nice touch.

The front end styling is fully dominated by the headlights. Stacked vertically they provide a great stream of light when the sun goes down. Keeping in with the motocross theme the front elongated mudgaurd performs the duty of keeping dirt and grime from spraying up off the front tyre. The wheels are 12 inch spoked alloy jobs featuring white pin striping. The wheels are shod with good quality Maxxis rubber.

The front forks look premium. Gold in appearance they wouldn't look out of place on any sports motorcycle. That quality look is only enhanced by the braided brake lines coming down to a wave disc and twin pot calliper arrangement. The cable for the speedo is being routed to the front wheel by two really nice red alloy clamps that wrap around the forks. On the rear again no short cuts, disc brake partnering two premium shocks. The rear taillight is one of those nice thin LED arrangements, matches the style and looks like it was meant to be.

The X-HOT doesn't sit too high off the ground at around 790 mm. The underseat storage wont take a full face helmet upright but its still roomy, long and wide, just not deep. The seat is opened by the key via the ignition. The X-HOT does have one unique feature in the storage stakes. It comes with a handy cargo net that stretches across the flat floor area. A bag hook and a very handy "open to the air" glove box helps with storage duties.

PGO X-Hot 150 EFI model is the latest addition to the PGO scooters range. 1L of petrol can travel up to 50KM/L. This machine is as powerful as a 180cc carb. model in the market.

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