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The power increase with the Akrapovic system is substantial, and can be seen from 4800 rpm right to the top of the range. At 12310 rpm we measured 174 HP, with max. increased power of 4.7 HP at 12750 rpm. The system’s effect on the torque and power curve is huge through the entire rpm range. The main increase starts at around 3500 rpm and continues right into the over-rev range. All this will help you shave lap times and result in much smoother ride.

unchallenged leadership position in the Sports bike class and continues to gain many admirers and owners with its phenominal ability to capture all you would ever want from a 1000cc Sports Bike. Look at the history of the Fireblade, that is if you still need convincing how good the bike has been and still is to this day. Look at the success Honda have had with the Fireblade in the world of racing, try your blade on track and you’ll see why that success continues to grow, ride on the twisty B roads and you will believe you are on track its that good.

Motor: 4-cylinder, 4 stroke, double overhead cam (DOHC), 16-valve
Cooling: Water
Displacement: 999 cc
Bore / Stroke: 76 x 55.1 mm
Compression Ratio: 12.3: 1
Maximum Power: 131 kW (178 hp) / 12,000 rpm (95/1/EC)
Maximum Torque: 112 Nm / 8,500 rpm (95/1/EC)
Idle Speed: 1,200 min
Food: Electronic Fuel Injection PGM-DSFI Ø 46 mm
Air Filter: Dry type paper panel
On: Digital transistorized with electronic advance control
Start: Electrical
Battery Capacity: 12 V / 6 AH
Power Alternator: 372 W
Lighthouses: 12 V, 55 W x 1 (low) / 55 W x 2 (long)
Clutch: Oil-bathed multiplate with diaphragm spring
Clutch: Mechanical, cable
Transmission Type: 6-speed
Primary Reduction: 1.717 (79/46)
Foreign :Exchange
1 ª Marcha: 2,286 (32/14)
2 nd March: 1.778 (32/18)
3 rd March: 1,500 (33/22)
4 th March : 1.333 (32/24)
5 th March: 1.214 (34/28)
6 th March: 1.138 (33/29)

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