Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The DL650 uses much of the mechanical and running gear

The DL650 uses much of the mechanical and running gear from the SV-650, but it's wrapped in adventure touring bodywork and graced with upright bars, and a long travel suspension like the original DL1000. The original V-Strom has earned a reputation for being surprisingly nimble and easy to ride for a 1000cc bike. This would lead one to guess that the lighter and lower 650 version would be one of the most nimble and easiest to ride bikes you could possibly create. Does reality meet expectations? Yes and No.

In the twisty stuff, or on dirt, gravel and other unimproved roads, the DL650 V-Strom is even better than I expected it to be. It changes direction effortlessly, while maintaining good stability and inspiring a feeling of confidence. I was afraid that it might be a little flighty or twitchy, but even after riding the thing like a loon, my fears turned out to be entirely unfounded. On highways and interstates, the 650 offers good wind protection and the adjustable windscreen allowed me to create a cruising environment that was free from the annoying buffeting that often plagues faired bikes.

Suzuki gave the 650 the same beefy 43mm fork tubes from the V-Strom 1000, but they dropped the cartridge internals, in favor of less expensive "free valve" damping. The stiffer forks help the 650 feel planted and to my surprise the damping and overall suspension action worked well in every type of riding that I could throw at it. The 110/80 R19 front and 150/70 R17 rear Bridgestone Trail Wing tires proved quite sure footed on tarmac and surprisingly competent off-road, as long as you don't get carried away with the lean angle. I think they're a good match for the DL's suspension and would be inclined to replace them with the exact same tire, once they're worn-out. How many OEM tires can you say that about?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of issues that stand in the way of this neat Suzuki becoming the perfect do-it-all bike. First and foremost, Suzuki decided that it would be a good idea (I don't think it really ever is a good idea) to retune the SV-650 based motor, "to fit the V-Strom 650's character as a Sport Enduro Tourer". This involved swapping-out the SV-650's cams, for a set with significantly milder intake and exhaust timing. They also increased crank inertia (flywheel effect) by 4% using a redesigned starter clutch. When you couple this milder state of tune with a bike that weighs a claimed 417Lbs (about 54Lbs more than claimed for the SV-650), you get a noticeable decrease in straight-line performance. Another annoyance was that in parking lot maneuvers, the new fairing lends a slightly more top-heavy feeling to the DL650, I'm not sure if this is actually from added weight, or merely a sense of awkwardness imparted by the acres of plastic in your field of view. Softened engine aside, I'm simply picking nits. Please don't get the impression that the bike is anything other than nimble and friendly to ride. It has plenty of power for cruising, exploring and canyon strafing. On the open road, I was able to coax and indicated 130Mph out of my test bike, which means that the engine is still making plenty of power for the real world, just don't expect effortless wheelies, drag race victories or full-lock sliding corner exits ( unless you're on dirt).

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