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Previous Trend Modification Waste

This week I bought Otoplus fun. Yes, for fun, because at that time I was looking for the latest edition of Automotive was also gone. Understandably I was just back from the field one end of the west coast of Aceh worst affected by the Tsunami. I wanted to see a review of his Supersport Guilotine modification bro Fandy. But never mind, rather than go home empty-handed.

Not unexpectedly there were two features that are difficult modifications passed just like that because it describes the progress of the last modification of the two wheels on the ground water. There modif streetfighter custom-made and other transsexuals modif ... Powerful!

It is very difficult to map trends modif to one year ahead, let alone one year after that. It takes great people to it, also have to consider trends that occur overseas. In fact, modifications in Indonesia is very unique. First, we can not cheat the force predictions made in the field of fashion clothing or hair style that easily replicate the model developed in the West or Japan and Hong Kong. More accurately called a growing trend in ground water tends to original and is not affected directly by the growing outside. There are still a little-bit touch as applicable among fans of HD or sportbike heavyweights, but nonetheless it was very limited impact and its spread among community-loving biker modifications in Indonesia, the average actually using duck, scooter, or motor sport cc small.

Secondly, Indonesia is a heaven modifications. Here almost all the models and the flow can be applied. From a mere modif small accessories such as colorful bolts replace up to heavyweights such as changing body, for foot, or replace the chassis until the sex change. This phenomenon indicates that the modification of ground water has its own dynamics so that it can be called as the bearers of original ideas and unique rather than as imitators trend outside. As a comparison, in Malaysia and Singapore, replacing the exhaust just need permission which is not easy, let alone make over the look and viscera out machine. Can-can motor in cells or even drawn to be destroyed.

Yet still we can assume that as the nerve of the modifiers for creative inspiration and aspirations of the increasing number of motorcycle owners to enhance the look and performance, the more diverse and advanced the touch of the hands of artists modification today. Just like us mention only that the current modification is reaching the level of courage and artistic sophistication that exceeds the previous years as follows:

Previous Trend Modification Waste

At least since the 3 years prior to this, the modification of waste are rife. Since the introduction by some male users of motors, especially Tiger rider, followed by Thunder 250 and Scorpio, the use of waste moge legs very popular. Replacement of mobile devices increases the impression of the view that more Maco is in tune with a sport touring bikes are. Also in some aspect of improving ride comfort and security if the waste components are still good and fitted with a calculating technique. Of course there are things that need to be sacrificed like the addition of weight, but so far the biker that uses waste modification model vehicle did not mean to speed, but the supporting performances.

Can be ascertained that the higher price moge waste along with the legal market. Increasingly high demand due to the need that is increasingly frenzied impossible by getting at least parts of waste are available in neighboring countries like Singapore or Malaysia.

Modif Bolt-On

Modif waste is not only a growing trend. Precisely modification by using after-market device which often we call bolt-on accessory is no less vigorous. In fact, maybe this is the model most widely users modification.

Some parts accessories legs until the body can be provided because it and produced in bulk so the price can be cheaper and easier installation. Very different from the modification waste that requires skill modifier in the workshop, installation of bolt-on enough devices installed in place or workshops is unusual because its design is suited to the holder of the original motorcycle.

Although need costs are not small, but apparently not the only factor the ease and grace alone that makes people interested. Sector body begins to glance who later gave birth to the trend custom body in addition to the legs.

Body Modification

It must be recognized body modification is a type of modification an increasingly extreme because it is not uncommon remove the motor from its original grip. Previously you redeem Tiger motor. After a while you want this bike more sporty. You got interested in the use of fairing and tail are more pointed.

Can body, alter the body there can not be avoided. Even in many cases modification really good, the motor, leaving only the original front frame (original main frame) and engine. The rest took another motor body, a replica of another motor that is usually made of plate or fiber, to create a model that totally new. Sometimes a combination of several well-known brand and model or just make extreme models and rada nyetrik. The latter is widespread in various corners of the country and ultraekstrim trondol model that might never have imagined the Japanese engineer.

In Jakarta, you have to mention names like Jatayu (JMS), Krishna (Aming), RMC, Obelix, Tauco, etc ... etc.. Or if in other places, where you can ... ..? (Please help fill ya). Staying bring the concept, count here and there, deposited motor, and wrong.

After these modification-modification finished, the rest just select the appropriate klir. Can the same workshop or special order to champion the a lot of painteverywhere. Understand it a nice finishing describe the level of personality of its owner. Yes, colors, motifs, and brand of paint is not a trivial thing. You also must submit to the experts for a special model with a special price.

Year 2007

Lately the trend is increasing with new styles that previously had been born embryo, but today more and stronger.

Transsexual sex change means more or less. In the context of motor modification is the change in style from one type of motor to another type of surgical skills thanks to a modifier. Modif transsexuals actually many of them diving. Some tabloids motor ever review of changes in duck into motor sport. Say knight into a sportbike. But the trend has now been increased to a higher level, transexual in a more profound understanding.

Transsexual extreme quality as well as currently conducted by Yamaha Mio depicted in this photograph. Remarkable because this bike is not just a sex change, but along with it also took one of his most favorite of streetfighter models and with a neat finish quality. Replacement kit body to pursue changes in the maximal model inevitably have acted.

Other over use of the device's legs and keeping waste motor dimensions remain proportionate. It is not easy to integrate various elements of this in a concoction that fit. In many previous cases motors have failed to bring an aura of transsexual men yanhg actual motor, namely gahar and sweet all at once! What is even crazier because this motor scooter the original is the postscript is also already a bisexual before diapa-apain. If more and more that make modifications to the model transsexual with a subtle touch, it certain that this trend will trigger the adrenaline of the modifiers and lovers of modifications in the future.


Once a while 4-5 years ago we were treated to a full NSR handmade from a modifier in Surabaya. The model is based on the flow gahar streetfighter to replace a sport that became the basis of this motor. But not only that, the legs also participate orders yet. You would not believe if upsidedown used is the result of quasi-original creations that reversed with damper and stabilizer as a counterweight. You may also be interested in seeing variations swingawm wrapped so big impression. The remaining adjustments to the parts the other legs to the beat of this gahar NSR-fighter.

Before that also has emerged from Surabaya caferacer the modif body legs combined with waste.

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