Wednesday, March 23, 2011

modifications tiger

Determine options for motor modifications tiger or other motorcycle like a pro mega motor is a bit difficult, maybe a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts who are often bored with the concept that monoton.I slightly modified motor provides a description of the concept that relatively little modif motor extrem, you notice the motor image below.
motor image motor below is a T3 with the concept of artificial jaguar people abroad, people who modify the motor is inspired by the famous car manufacturer in the UK are jaguar cars.

with a super fierce jaguar view and bandaged with black, the motorcycle can attract attention, although not think in terms of vehicle safety because the seating position is comfortable and covered the time obstacle play bike.who care if that makes this bike look grim and super extrem? whether motor or motors tiger mega latest pro you ready? if indeed you are interested, prepare and bring funds to the repair shop bicycle motorcycle favorite with the concept like this, I already gave examples of such modifications and extreme motor bikes safely modify motormu pal.

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