Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I try to give a review on Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS from my personal assessment:

I try to give a review on Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS from my personal assessment:

Related advantages:

+ Maximum power 13.5 horsepower at 9000 RPM is achieved, we compare with Mega Pro motorbike 160 cc of the Honda, which power was just 13.3 horsepower. However, 13.5 horsepower at BP135LS achieved at relatively high RPM (9000RPM), while 13.3 horsepower on the MP160 achieved at a relatively lower RPM (8500RPM).

+ Compared with vehicle capacity of 135 cc, namely, Yamaha Jupiter MX (11.33 horsepower at 8500 RPM), maximum power BP135LS obviously much larger. Though Yamaha Jupiter MX very high compression (10,9:1, while BP135LS 9,8:1)

Ket: a matter of comparison the maximum torque, will be included in the discussion of shortcomings BP135LS

+ The model is distinctive and unique (contour-sharp contours, tank equipped with wind shroud, there spakbor classical model for the rear tires, a separate seat for rider and pillion, etc.) compared to other motor sport class. But it also could be a boomerang for the people who do not like the model too futuristic.

+ Shockbreaker dualshockbreaker back still, but it's the type of Nitrox, gampangannya type of tube (where the damping is not only determined by the springs and oil, but also gas). It's definitely better than other dualshockbreaker vehicle just use conventional Shockbreaker.

+ Instrument panel has embraced digital dominant, ranging from the speed indicator, the volume of fuel, the distance indicator (indicator analog RPM).

+ Disposal Exhaust TEC comes as another variant of Bajaj Pulsar, optimize the efficiency of the work machine. The function of TEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) is to boost torque at low rpm, so no need to change gear too often, like when she was past the congestion of motor sport must often change gear for example from 1 to 2 back to 1 and setersunya, with TEC is even more tooth wear higher than the low rate, fixed machine capable of providing torque to drive properly qualified.

+ Equipped autochoke, making engine starting in cold conditions more easily than on other machines that have not been equipped autochoke.

+ Stylish and sporty use the handlebar clamp.

+ Relatively high-compression ratio (9,8:1). This is what caused him to even 135 cc but could compete with motors larger air-cc from him. In the example above, Honda Mega Pro only 9:1 compression.

+ 4 valves in the combustion chamber, (2 exhaust valves, 2 intake valve) makes burning cycles better than the conventional (1 valve exhaust, 1 intake valve).

+ Busi double the typical product Bajaj, making optimal combustion and makes the engine more efficient. Bajaj machines have an economical fuel consumption than its engine capacity is big. Usually economical engines tend a small capacity.

+ CDI (ignition control components) equipped with TRICS III makes ignition systems BP135LS provide the best ignition timing for different load conditions.

+ The purchase price was cheap, compared to other motorcycle class.


- Maximum torque is owned (11.4 N, m at 7500 RPM) is relatively lower than the motor with an engine capacity class with him, such as Jupiter MX (11.65 Nm at 5500 RPM). Indeed the difference is small, but Jupiter MX achieve at much lower RPM than the BP135LS. Compared with Mega Pro before, certainly far enough to lose its maximum torque (Mega Pro: 13 Nm at 6000 RPM).

- Typical Bajaj motors, the total weight of the tablets, weight. Cook the 135 cc bike weighing 122 kg (empty, not containing fuel, etc.). Compare with Yamaha Scorpio Z 225 cc weight of just 125 kg. In the class 200 cc + + weight Bajaj products, namely the Pulsar 200, has a weight of 140 kg more. LS 135 heavy weight, plus a maximum torque can only be achieved at relatively high RPM, despite being equipped with TEC, the estimated acceleration BP135LS I said about not going to satisfy driving enthusiasts who need a lively pace up and down with the sudden passing immediately in the field of traffic jams , dsm.

- Stang flops may make riders tired faster than using regular handlebar which is more relaxed usage.

- Compression ratio 9,8:1, mandatory use Pertamax. Of course, a consideration of the cost of fuel consumption.

- Compression ratio 9,8:1 still use the cooling fins, of course, increase the likelihood of the engine becomes too hot (overheat), especially in Indonesia's tropical weather.

- Resale price is not as good as the Japanese brand motorcycles.

- That is until now so controversial, the tires Bajaj motorcycles have a contour that impression even collect water, but naturally the tire contour to be able to split water through a wet field.

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