Wednesday, September 8, 2010

modification cb

modification cb
I started with a piece of 3/8" plywood to use as the pan, so I can staple the bottom of the upholstery underneath. I cut it to exactly follow the curvature of the frame. Most of the "pod" will be hollow so I can mount my battery and electrical inside. Loosen 2 wing nuts below, and the whole thing will lift off for battery access.
Getting the big blob of spray foam was the hardest part. Ya have to make it in lots of little layers or it falls flat like a big pancake. Don't ask me how I know!
I shaped the foam using a serrated knife and a rasp. The idea I have is to give it the same general shape as the tank, especially the curvature of the tail end. A layer of duct tape over the foam so the fiberglass doesn't stick, and i'm ready for 'glass!
My first real experience working with fiberglass was a success! But talk about a sticky mess! I used one whole quart-size kit which was three layers of cloth over the entire thing. It's about an 1/8" thick and nice & strong. Once dry I gutted out most of the foam using a drill and 1 1/2" paddle bit. I left about 2" of the foam right at the seat back for added strength. Next up was about 4 evenings of grind, rasp, bondo, rasp, sand, more bondo, sand, bondo, more sanding to get it just right. I didn't get a picture of this final step because I was too excited to get it to my body man for a final glaze and paint!

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