Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bridgestone Exedra


Typle: 805cc liquid-cooled 55° V twin, SOHC 4v/cyl.; dual
       anti-vibration countershafts
Bore & Stroke: 88 x 66.2mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1            
Fuel: 36mm Keihin CVK
Ignition: electronic, digital
Valve-adjust intervals: 7,500 miles
Transmission: 5-speed, wet, multiplate clutch
Frame: steel backbone
Front suspension: 41mm fork, 5.9 in. travel
Rear suspension: one coil-over shock absorber, link
    type; 3.9 in. travel, adjustable for spring preload
Front Brake: 300mm disc
Rear Brake: drum
Wheels: 3 x 16 in.; 3 x 16 in. spoke
Tires: 130/90-16 , 140/90-16 Bridgestone Exedra            
Wheelbase: 63 inches (1600mm)
Rake/trail: 32 degrees/ 4.8 inch (122mm)
Seat height: 27.5 in.
Measured weight, full fuel tank: 575 lb.
Fuel capacity: 4 gallons
Fuel mileage: 45 mpg
Colors: red, purpley like

Really oversquare for a cruiser, at 88 x 66.2mm, it's actually a free-revving, enjoyable engine to play with, coupled to an agreeable, wide-ratio five-speed box and a nice, light clutch. Throw it in fourth or top gear (fifth), and it's easy enough to burble along from 30 to over 100 mph with very little fuss. A lone, 36mm Mikuni carburetor with an accelerator pump, no less, responds to the whip nicely once past the typical off-idle glitch (which one small washer shoved under the needle would probably fix).

This one's a 55-degree, single-crankpin twin, but with a counterbalancer and rubber mounts. It runs plenty smooth, vibration is not a problem, and in truth the ride's not at all bad. There's a linkage-mounted shock hiding underneath the hard-tail looking swingarm, with four inches of travel,and an also nicely damped 41mm fork. Along with the fat tires and a thick, nicely supportive seat, the Vulcan gives up a surprisingly suave ride. Get aggressive going round corners, though, and the Vulcan's pegs start dragging a bit early even by cruiser standards.

Other than that, what's not to like? Eee, well, we realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but nearly everybody who beholds this beauty comes away wishing they hadn't. It's a Harley from Toon Town. Those "dual shotgun exhausts" might be cool if not for the black things in the ends which so obviously reveal the true diameter of your exhaust flumes; the motorcycle equivalent of getting caught stuffing socks down your pants. The front fender is a tire mullet.

Maybe it's not even the individual parts as much as the disharmonious way they all fit together? This is one ugly motorcycle, but one which, in its defense, looks good in family photos next to sister 800 Drifter and cousin 750 Vulcan.

But hey, that's just my opinion. My boy won't be seen in shorts if they don't extend past his knees. Tattoos and piercings and shaving your head are "in." I always liked Camaros and still do. I'm afraid of Julia Roberts' lips. Rap is a waste of oxygen. I'm hopelessly out of touch. If you like the Vulcan, you should get one; functionally it's a great personal transportation unit.

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