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New Honda City featuring a totally new design by applying the concept of "Arrowshot Form" to produce a body of unique, stylish, well give the impression that advanced. Like an arrow ready to be released from his bow, the design of the All New Honda City combines a dynamic exterior shape with a roomy cabin inside.

Front view All New City is dominated by hexagonal grill design that integrates with a sharp headlights and straight extending to the body side. This innovative design provides a sporty appearance as well as sumptuous luxury sedans from Honda.

Design front bumper and bonnet are rounded, in addition to strengthening the sporty impression on the All New City, also designed to provide a better level of aerodynamic than previous generations. It is enhanced with ventilated front grill that helps reduce wind resistance, which also gives effect to the agility and fuel efficiency.

While looking back from the All New City is increasingly emphasizing the unique design of this compact sedan. Design of High deck trunk and tail cut off benefits to improve airflow to the rear of the vehicle to reduce the effect of air resistance when driving fast. Shape ends rear bumper diffuser that resembles a race car designed to create a suction effect and the road surface and the load to maintain stability when speeding away. Sporty impression on the All New City is strengthened by the addition of exhaust pipe finisher *.

All New City taillight design using 3-dimensional pentagonal, in addition to provide a luxurious feel also has a function to improve safety when driving at night. Security level is equipped with high-mounted stop lamp and mirror are 15% wider than previous models and is equipped with lights cents *.

Exterior Display All New City is also a micro antenna, chrome door handles are coated and aluminum wheels measuring 15 inches by 5-spoke design and 16-inch alloy wheels with a sporty design motifs and luxurious Y *.


By applying the concept of "Cozy Lounge", cabin All New City is designed to generate the capacity of the largest cabin in its class is also driver and passenger safety in it. With dimensions of 4395 mm length (5 mm longer than the previous model), width 1695 (5 mm longer than the previous model), and height 1470 mm (15 mm lower than the previous model), All New City offers a more perfect driving position for the driver and a wider cabin for all passengers. Increased wheelbase 100 mm, adding streets cabin that allows a more spacious cabin than the previous model.

For the driver, driving comfort improvement is supported by the pedal position is more ergonomic and function of tilt and telescopic steering wheel for flexibility in setting a more perfect driving position. Bench semi-bucket seats are designed to reduce fatigue when driving long distances, while providing better protection in case of accident. Driver's visibility on the All New City is also better than the previous model, with a thinner A pillars 14 mm and the quarter window is removed. While the view to the back of increased thanks to a wider rear glass and rear seat that uses a retractable head rest.

Meter cluster is positioned right in front of the driver makes it easy to read information without reducing the concentration when driving. Profile stainless steel and the surface of the meter cluster that uses acrylic glass give the impression of luxury in the cockpit of the All New City. LCD Multi-Information is also contained in the meter cluster to provide digital information on the odometer, tripmeter, average fuel consumption and the estimated remaining distance cruising.

For passengers in the back, available features reclining seat * which is the first sedan in the class All New City. With this feature, the rear seats can be put down to the back to get a more relaxed position in long distance travel. Design a more compact front seat and follow the curve of the rear passenger foot gives increased leg room by 25 mm compared to the previous model.

Driving comfort on the All New City more equipped audio system and clear sound that allows to play songs in MP3 format, WMA, WAV, or even directly from USB or digital music player via the AUX connection. Features SRS WOW which produce sound effects such as home teater and illumination 7 colors * make the cabin All New City more attractive.

Enhanced air cooling system which produces a more silent operation and a smaller load on the engine, in addition to the cabin a more rapid cooling. Glass windows are coated with a green glass can absorb more heat and UV rays that help cool down in the cabin. While an air filter that has been refurbished and equipped with a dust & pollen filter produce better air quality inside the cabin.


Cab All New City is not only designed to maximize comfort and safety of drivers and passengers in it, but also for the utility and practicality of a high level. All New City is equipped with the largest trunk in its class, which has a capacity of up to 506 liters according to VDA measuring method. Capacity increased by as much as 6 liters compared to the previous model.

In addition to luggage, All New City also has many other storage places in the cabin, such as large-sized glove box, side boxes on both front doors, back seat pocket on the back of both front benches, storage device or digital music player, armrest with console box , under seat storage, up to 7 fruit cup holder.

Access in and out of the car on the All New City is now easier with improvements in the form of back door. Design of the back door All New City with a shape that follows the position of the rear passenger seat that provides easy access in and out. In addition, large door openings with the three stopper allows passengers to control the door opening so as to prevent conflicts when you open the door in place of a less extensive.


Engine 1.5-liter i-VTEC newly developed with the aim of providing a dynamic performance with high levels of fuel efficiency. This new engine produces maximum power of 120 PS at 6600 rpm, the largest in its class, and maximum torque 14.8 kgm at 4800 rpm. At low engine load, only 1 intake valve work to allow fuel in, creating maximum fuel efficiency at low rpm. While at high engine load the second intake valve works so that more fuel in, producing a maximum power at high speed. In addition to regulating the amount of valve that works, i-VTEC engine also can adjust the height and depth of the intake valve open and closed according to engine load.

Work i-VTEC engine technology is supported by the Drive by Wire (DBW), which replaces the conventional throttle workings cables. Each footing the accelerator pedal forwarded to the computer via an electrical signal that will control the accelerator pedal opening and closing valves to precision maximum acceleration but still fuel efficient. Application DBW also help avoid the occurrence of the beat when suddenly stepped on the gas pedal or when maneuvering to park.

Performance i-VTEC engine for All New City more enhanced with technology Torque Boost resonator, which produces the effect of high rotation (swirl) to generate maximum power and torque. Torque boost resonator to change the air flow sucked in by the water intake into the air-pressure and high speed. The flow of air and fuel mixture of high-speed spin that generate air movement to provide torque and largest horsepower in its class.

Completion is also done on the design of the innovative piston sebung pattern. The new piston design aimed at reducing friction in the cylinders, reducing engine noise, while maximizing performance and improving fuel efficiency.
All the technologies applied engine 1.5-liter i-VTEC SOHC provide the perfect combination between a great power with fuel efficiency and emission levels that meet EURO 4.


To realize the quality of higher driving performance, the system with a 5 speed automatic transmission is applied to produce a smooth gearshift and responsive. This system with Grade Logic Control to produce optimum performance and efficient transmission.

The system works with technology Active Lock Up System, which serves to provide a time delay switch gear position which becomes shorter and faster acceleration, to reduce jerk during tooth movement.

Another technology is applied to the transmission system All New City is the Shift Hold Control, which is the transmission shift control system is computerized. This system prevents excessive movement of the transmission so that the acceleration and velocity is not maximal. With the shift hold control, the vehicle can go with the more agile and smooth, especially on winding roads.

All New City are now more fun to drive, with the presence of features paddle shift on steering wheel, as found on the Honda Civic. With paddle shift, the driver can perform the gearshift lever through which there are two behind the steering wheel.


All New City has gone through various impact tests at various speeds and from different angles, also by using the barrier and other vehicles of various sizes, as simulated accident at the real situation in the facility Honda crash test.

All New City is designed with a mono coque body design to apply the G-Force Control technology (G-CON), which effectively absorb and distribute impact energy when the collision occurred. The technology is supported by the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACETM) that increase compatibility in case of collision with other vehicles of various sizes, while protecting the passenger cabin safety.

There are also the leading active safety systems such as braking systems that have been equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) and BA (Brake Assist). Safety of passengers in the cabin more secure with the availability of SRS airbag,

Features airbags work simultaneously with seat belt systems that employ advanced 3-point and load limiter. When a crash, seat belt pretensioner tightens the shoulder and shoulder to keep passengers safe in her position. Then load limiter work gradually to reduce the pressure on the chest that occurs due to collision energy. While the features of neck shock mitigation systems on the front bench serves to prevent serious injury to the neck in case of collision.

In addition to the driver and passengers safe, All New City is also designed to minimize injury to pedestrians in case of collision. Design pedestrian safety body at the All New City include absorbent impact on hood hinges, pivots wiver, bonnet, bumper, and fenders.

From the security side, the All New City also has implemented a key less entry system. While the immobilizer and security alarm systems available to prevent vehicle theft.


All machines used in New City in addition to providing abundant power also produces emissions that is more environmentally friendly. This can be achieved thanks to the design of combustion engines that produce more efficient and perfect, so the gas CO and HC + NOx which is the type of pollutants has been reduced significantly.

All New City with a dual air-fuel ratio control that works with Linear Air-Fuel ratio (LAF) sensor and an O2 sensor, in addition to the water flow sensor system. Technology allows the control of air and fuel that is more precise to produce cleaner emissions, which already meets the EURO-4 standard.

In the production process, All New City also has environmental sustainability with the use of environmentally friendly materials. All New City has reduced materials containing hazardous chemicals such as copper, hexa valent chromium, mercury, and PVC. Meanwhile, the portion of the use of recycled materials such as olefin resin on the interior and exterior reproduced.

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