Monday, July 5, 2010

The Yamaha is about to release a bike that will be revolutionary and yet too simple to believe: The YZ450F.

The Yamaha is about to release a bike that will be revolutionary and yet too simple to believe: The YZ450F.

Technical Data:
Engine: 449cc water-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder four-valve
Bore x Stroke: 97.0 x 60.8 mm
Compression ratio: 12,5:1
Power supply: electronic injection
Transmission: 5-speed
Front Suspension: Kayaba Speed Sensitive, Adjustable dual mode
TRasii Suspension: Kayaba shock with the gas, with 4 adjustable spring preload Front brake: 250mm disc with 2 piston caliper
Rear brake: 245mm disc with single piston caliper
Front tire: 80/100-21 Dunlop D742FA
Rear Tire: 120/70-19 D756
Seat height: 990.6 mm
Ground clearance: 381 mm

This is a new configuration where the cylinder is placed in reverse, ie the intake manifold is in front and the exhaust is back. In this way, that famous "corner" of leakage is eliminated, and with it several problems with cooling, weight distribution and complexity in the assembly. To feed the machine, there is a module direct fuel injection totally electronic.

 The main novelty of this YZ450F is the "engine inverted" with a position quite different from traditionally employed. The cylinder was rotated 180 degrees, admission receives frontal air while the exhaust outlet is oriented to the back of the engine. The command from DOHC YZ450F now has only four valves, the fifth was eliminated. Cooling is done with water and power system is by electronic injection.

The bike had clutch and 5 speed transmission redrawn so that the YZ450F is better adapted both to how to practice motocross supermotard and enduro.

All these improvements, however, had a cost. The YZ450F weighs (dry) 111.3 pounds, up 5 pounds more than its main competitors.

Major modifications in the YZ450 2010:

* New cylinder with tilt back allows for greater centralization of mass concentrated mass moving in a central position on the bike.
This concept radically changes the cylinder and cylinder head that have become a new positioning of inlet and exhaust now goes directly to the rear of the bike.
* The cylinder is positioned so that the set of piston and crankshaft are positioned in a vertical position at the moment of greatest impact of combustion while minimizing the friction of the piston in the cylinder walls improving engine response.
* The new cylinder head is equipped with four titanium valves, five previously, and adopts an injection system with direct lines and the box air filter positioned in an area highly advanced and gives a higher pressure inlet. The Keihin fuel injection system is equipped with a 44mm body of a 12 micro injector nozzles and working without the aid of a battery producing ideal atomization of fuel / air mixture.
* New dual-beam frame is close to the concept used by its competitors allowed to obtain the ultimate compromise between stiffness, maneuverability, low weight on the bikes, taking shape, lighter and easier to put on the market curve.
* Modified radical aesthetic components that go to adopt a more modern image with the fuel tank to take a more central position while the air filter starts to be over the radiators.
* The new exhaust style "Tornado" because of the curves shows that it is about 150mm longer than both in 2009. It is equipped with a resonance chamber which limits the emission of noise without affecting the availability of power.

The YZ450F is already an icon among lovers of hiking trails and motocross is one of the Motorcycle off-road thoroughbred "more advanced today. And in 2010, Yamaha introduced a new concept: The motor reversed.

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