Sunday, October 25, 2009


Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a strong enough brand and attracted many major motorcycle lovers. The older, the motor will be the hunted.

Harley to get the older type of output JE 1925, he was willing to sell Harley UL type output in 1948 has ever won I carried in a contest. And who would buy the motor is in disrepair to one another or even more accurately called destroyed.

Framework of the body, engine, tanks, and veleg in separate conditions, dull, and lots of rust. Even to get a longer cable original body, he had orders to Texas. While for the restoration of the motor as the original and could walk again, he must be willing to wait around 3-4 months.

In addition to a fairly old age, among 20 other contestants motors, special motors are located on the valve position outside the machine. In addition, to lubricate the engine, there are manual pump to be pressed every street around 2 mill. Or, if the vehicle is the lot across the street ramp.

"The sign, if the engine sounds noisy or a little rough, then the oil should be pumped into the engine manually. But if the exhaust has a lot of smoke or the smoke out, then the oil should be discarded or in tap, "

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